I enjoy the process of understanding how ecosystems work, how paths flow and what influences them. This is what drove me to study nutrition & the human body during my Berkeley days.

After graduating into the recession, I jetted to the other side of the country and ended up with a fashion job in the Big Apple. Quite a cliché, but then again, aren’t your twenties meant to be rather dramatic and a bit cheesy?

Quickly realizing that my fashion expertise may just be limited to my closet, I pivoted to marketing. It felt chaotic then, but in hindsight, I can see that I was singularly drawn towards understanding the end-user and their behavior. I love that marketing is analytical, but equally emphasizes the feelings and mood of a message–and how they sway a user.

Since then…
//I’ve created automated campaigns and feature launches for Uber, Victoria’s Secret and others.
//I’ve earned my MBA degree in Berlin.
//I’ve traveled (and lived) around the world… to end up back here in sunny California.


I enjoy helping brands create engaging, meaningful campaigns to reach their customers online and optimize their marketing performance.

My areas of expertise include lifecycle email marketing, content strategy, editorial/promotional copywriting and building unique digital shopping experiences. 

Thanks for dropping by – Let’s build something awesome together.