Checkout cues from Dagne Dover

Who: Dagne Dover, beautifully designed “problem-solving bags for problem-solving humans” – aka endless organization for type A, on-the-go folks, with a clear, abandon cart email.
What’s Working: This automated email reminder came to me 24 hrs after I stopped window shopping, it has a direct call to action and, as an extra push, highlights their flexible return policy.
What’s Not: It’d be interesting to see a “similar products” or some other type of product feed integrated here. I suspect many heavy online window shoppers, would love to see more items. If they still aren’t ready to checkout, this is at least another way to reengage them onto your site.

Free drinks for all with Starbucks Rewards

Who: Starbucks, your ubiquitous corner coffeehouse, whose now infamous loyalty program is studied in MBA programs across the world.
What’s Working: Simple value proposition, who wouldn’t want to give a free Starbucks drink to their friend?
What’s Not: This referral email assumes some familiarity with Starbucks Rewards, e.g. what do Bonus Stars tangibly mean for me? I’d also argue that the invitation diagram on the black background is more important that the green drinks illustration and the two should be flipped.

Engage to Save with Postmates

Who: Postmates, the food delivery service that has managed to stay curated, extra tasty and millennial friendly, with their focus on showcasing local foodie favorites.
What’s Working: Reels you in to engage right away – with the subject line, “Give thanks to unlock”. The end to end experience is well thought out: an animated fall leaves grid pulls you in >> prompts you to >> open the app >> click to unlock a promo code. Some e-commerce sites host similar experiences in their email sign-up window, but this is a fun way to extend it to all existing users.
What’s Not: I understand trying to join the existing cultural conversation (this was sent before Thanksgiving) but beyond “give thanks” is the creative vision relevant? The fall leaves feels lazy, and skipping over food imagery on this food holiday feels like a miss.

Huckberry remains relevant

Who: Huckberry, a curated outdoor retailer, inspirational guide and lookbook to enable your more adventurous, stylish self. Or as they describe themselves “Gear for today. Inspiration for tomorrow.”
What’s Working: Subject line is a simple “Want to keep hearing from us? This is a personalized reengagement trigger that:
1. knows you haven’t been opening in awhile
2. wants to give you other options for keeping them around and
3. reminds you that while you may have only stumbled on their brand in order to buy that fancy, collapsible water filter, they can serve up travel inspo & tips for your next backpacking trip in the Sierras …so stay you should stay subscribed.
What’s Not: “adding value to your inbox” sounds like it was lifted straight from a marketing brief. Is that how marketers talk? Yes. Is that how consumers think of their inboxes though? Likely not.