Personalized Program Launch with Uber’s Rider Preferred

In the past, Uber has failed to provide drivers with meaningful motivation to deliver high-quality service. Riders can give compliments/tips to recognize quality service, but they also want to see that Uber treats its drivers well & is doing more to invest in quality service.

Rider Preferred was developed as an ongoing approach to recognizing & celebrating drivers for their outstanding quality service. This program demonstrated that Uber is using their feedback to invest in quality service and treat drivers well. It got riders to care–by launching the program through personalized content based on their ride history.

(1 & 2) Rider marketing announcing the program to those who’ve helped nominate rewarded drivers, reinforcing a personalized 1-to-1 connection.

(3 & 4) Driver communications announcing the program.

RiderPreferred_RiderEM.png RiderPreferred_RiderInApp.png

RiderPreferred_DriverEM.png   RiderPreferred_DriverNL.png