Time to vacay with Vrbo

Who: Vrbo, peer to peer vacation rentals, i.e. an Airbnb alternative.
What’s Working: Clever way to take back control after an email deployment mistake. Pares down the original email content to get straight to the point – we messed up > we need a vacation > we host vacation houses > come browse.
What’s Not: Nothing, but a more relevant “oops, vacation bloopers” hero image would’ve been a great nice-to-have.

Brooklinen’s Built-in Loyalty

your opinion matters.png

Who: Brooklinen (best bedsheets ever, by the way) sends users a dynamic feedback email directly tied to their VIP Loyalty program. Their e-commerce site is pretty clean–crisp photos, efficient descriptions–but contain a wealth of customer reviews. As a D2C (direct to consumer) brand, they clearly know where their strengths lie and are effectively playing into them.
What’s Working: A 1-click rating that users can fill out directly in the email–no need to click out to a separate browser window, no messy log-in’s.
What’s Not: Given how targeted this is, they should also be able to identify if the user is a VIP member or not & tailor that CTA accordingly. It would tidy up the text here and make for a more streamlined message.

JetBlue Doesn’t Want to Break Up


Who: JetBlue Airlines has a cheeky, but focused, email for customers who begin to fall off of their email engagement. This reengages users by highlighting key value adds for being on the app, while giving people an easy “out” if they do want to unsubscribe.
What’s Working: Clear options for editing preferences based on communication frequency. Playful and endearing tone and humor.
What’s Not: “So, what’s it going to be?” in the body paragraph can read like a text CTA, more so than the actual CTAs in the preference options.