Engage to Save with Postmates

Who: Postmates, the food delivery service that has managed to stay curated, extra tasty and millennial friendly, with their focus on showcasing local foodie favorites.
What’s Working: Reels you in to engage right away – with the subject line, “Give thanks to unlock”. The end to end experience is well thought out: an animated fall leaves grid pulls you in >> prompts you to >> open the app >> click to unlock a promo code. Some e-commerce sites host similar experiences in their email sign-up window, but this is a fun way to extend it to all existing users.
What’s Not: I understand trying to join the existing cultural conversation (this was sent before Thanksgiving) but beyond “give thanks” is the creative vision relevant? The fall leaves feels lazy, and skipping over food imagery on this food holiday feels like a miss.

A collage of cool facts at the Ace Hotel


Who: The Ace Hotel spices up what otherwise would be an ordinary weekend sale with a visually engaging and random facts. Everything about the content–the copy, look & feel, is in line with their brand and speaks undeniably to their audience.
What’s Working: Straightforward, on brand email.
What’s Not: Takes a second to realize what their sale offer actually is… could have possibly done this play on “25” instead of “72”.

The Limited’s Not-So-Subliminal Messaging


Who: Anyone remember The Limited? This womenswear brand used to be a mainstay at the mall. It’s recently closed all its brick & mortar stores, though it’s still fighting for it’s place in e-commerce.
What’s Working: Clever “subliminal” messaging nicely splices up the many many deals they are promoting.
What’s Not: The aesthetic is in line with the brand… but how am I supposed to be tempted to shop without any merchandise imagery?

Bonobos Wants To Know Your Size


Who: Bonobos, an e-commerce (mostly) menswear start-up founded in NYC and recently acquired by Walmart.
What’s Working: Customer preference data in a natural, frictionless method, built directly in email.
What’s Not: Would’ve been great to see a size guide or some kind of reference guide alongside the size picker, especially given their “Perfect Fit Starts Here” tagline.

Texting with Kate Spade


Who: Kate Spade New York, American handbag and fashion brand, founded on an intentional misname actually. Kate Brosnahan and Andy Spade were business partners but not yet married when they founded the company. Their story is a great one to check out on How I Built This but anyways…. back to email.
What’s Working: The iMessage design and emoji use are relevant & show they know their customers.
What’s Not: The bottom CTA banner, while necessary, feels a bit disjointed from the main design.