Huckberry remains relevant

Who: Huckberry, a curated outdoor retailer, inspirational guide and lookbook to enable your more adventurous, stylish self. Or as they describe themselves “Gear for today. Inspiration for tomorrow.”
What’s Working: Subject line is a simple “Want to keep hearing from us? This is a personalized reengagement trigger that:
1. knows you haven’t been opening in awhile
2. wants to give you other options for keeping them around and
3. reminds you that while you may have only stumbled on their brand in order to buy that fancy, collapsible water filter, they can serve up travel inspo & tips for your next backpacking trip in the Sierras …so stay you should stay subscribed.
What’s Not: “adding value to your inbox” sounds like it was lifted straight from a marketing brief. Is that how marketers talk? Yes. Is that how consumers think of their inboxes though? Likely not.

JetBlue Doesn’t Want to Break Up


Who: JetBlue Airlines has a cheeky, but focused, email for customers who begin to fall off of their email engagement. This reengages users by highlighting key value adds for being on the app, while giving people an easy “out” if they do want to unsubscribe.
What’s Working: Clear options for editing preferences based on communication frequency. Playful and endearing tone and humor.
What’s Not: “So, what’s it going to be?” in the body paragraph can read like a text CTA, more so than the actual CTAs in the preference options.